Hello Cocoa World!

Hello Cocoa World!

I’ve had this domain for ages, and mainly used it to promote my old music project. I’ll probably do that henceforth as well, but I’ve had a thought for a long time to start blogging. Not that I have a mission or really know what to blog about, or if anyone really would care. But I  think I have a few things to say about music, life and development and hopefully I catch someones attention. Code-wise I will focus on Cocoa Touch with Obj-C and Swift. Probably some personal reflexions from my time in the development business as well. Hopefully somebody likes the gossip.

I’ve been developing apps since the dawn of the iOS SDK. Prior to the release of the iPhone I was the Project Builder nerd, furiously resisting the invitations from my fellow friends and coders to start with Windows development in C# or .net. At very rare occasions the most bizarre twist of fate suddenly makes you a sought after resource in a business you never imagined. It’s a strange trip. And a seriously interesting one as well.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy! Or leave in peace…


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